How to Choose the Right Skateboard Helmet Size

How to Choose the Right Skateboard Helmet Size

There are many different types of skateboard helmets on the market today. They vary in price, style, color, materials, and size. With the numerous choices available, there is sure to be a helmet that is ideal for you. A large percentage of skaters find that they need more than one kind of helmet to keep their head protected while skating. This keeps their heads secure and comfortable.

To protect your skull, make certain that you get a properly sized helmet that is well-fitted to your head. No matter the helmet brand that you opt for, well-fitted skateboard helmets must consist of shock-absorbing pads, change around while skateboarding, have plenty of ventilation, and be snugly fitting over your skull with no looseness. Many newer helmets have integrated graphics and/or air vents that give you a little trickier protection. Many feature built-in daytime vision and glare reduction tint.

When you first buy your helmet, always read the instructions that come with it and wear it according to the directions. Always make certain that the safety strap is properly buckled and adjusted. If you are in the process of adjusting the strap, make certain that you don’t leave any gaps between the helmet and your chin. Some people like to wear visors, but others want to wear goggles to prevent the glare from the streetlight from entering their eyes. Adjustable straps are always the safest for beginners to wear.

If you are looking for skateboard helmets that offer maximum comfort and safety, look for those that are certified by Snell. Certified by Snell ensures that the padding has been reinforced and will mold to your head. This helps reduce pressure on your cheeks, chins, and foreheads. You will also want a helmet with a removable foam liner.

Most skateboard helmets today come standard with two padding pads placed on either side of the lenses. The exterior padding is made of breathable foam that can easily conform to the shape of your head. A thick layer of foam will help keep any moisture out while at the same time reducing chaffing and rubbing against the sides of your helmet. The inside padding is made of thick vinyl and has an adjustable Velcro strap that lets you adjust to your comfort level.

Some newer skateboarding helmets come standard with three removable padding layers. Three pads are great if you really enjoy riding and doing tricks, but only two pads will leave you feeling comfortable if you are not using your skateboard helmets to protect yourself from the elements. With three pads you can still wear two layers if needed, but you can also have the outermost layer of foam replaced with any type of padding that you prefer. Having three removable layers is good for anyone that likes to customize their helmet and want to replace parts of it whenever they become worn or tired.

The majority of skateboard helmets are available with an internal padding, however, if you want to cut down on weight even more, there are helmets that are available with external pads as well. External pads are great for riders that are constantly going down hills or rides. They are lightweight and make a great alternative to an internal pad if you do not want to deal with replacing your pads often. Although internal pads can be very bulky and take up a lot of storage space, skaters love the fact that they have the ability to have their favorite skateboarding songs playing while they are practicing for tournaments or just doing some time on their minds.

When shopping for a new skateboard helmet, it is important to know what your options are and to know which ones will work best for you. If you think you might want more than one of these helmets, then you should start out by reading some product reviews so you will know what brands and designs are popular. Once you know which ones you are most interested in, you can shop smart and get yourself the brand, style and size of skateboard helmets that will give you the best head size for your face.