It’s May Day – Let’s Celebrate!

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Let’s dance around the maypole
Maybe not – instead let’s make the city beautiful

There are a few things going on Wednesday May 1st:
1) Beautiful little flower pots, were created Sunday April 28th, so let’s get together and strategically place them.
What do you need to do: Terry has all the planters, you don’t need to bring anything
What will be do: We will figure out nice spots, like fences, poles and benches, that the little planters can be attached to

2) Sunflowers Grates
What do you need to do: Bring packets of sunflowers to plant anywhere they will grow. Terry will bring some soil in case we are able to find more than one grate
What will we do: A grate at Huntley and Bloor will get planted with sunflower seeds. Then we will carry on walking to see if we can find more.

3) Sunflower Planting
Otherwise we are just going to plant sunflower seeds anywhere we think will look pretty.
What do you need to do: Bring sunflower seeds

So the details of the meet up…
Who – everyone who ever wanted to plant sunflowers all over the city
Where – Meet at the corner of Bloor and Jarvis on the north side of Bloor
When – 7:00pm
What – See above. We’re going to plant some flowers. We’ll walk together and chat about where the planters should go, where the sunflowers should be planted and then after we do what we do, we’ll go for a beer somewhere close.