Garden Refresh – Spadina and Darcy

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When: Sunday May 26th, 2013 – 2pm sharp 🙂

Where: One small block north of Dundas, just east of Spadina.
Take a look – at the spot on Google Maps (you can see one of the planters we left after the first year we planted)

Here are some more photos from the previous years we planted this spot:



There has been a couple years of perennial growth in the space so we should be able to spruce it up and make it look fantastic again.

Who: YOU!!! and your friends

What to Bring: We want to put pretty bright annuals and a few larger sun-tolerant plants are the main things we need.
And water – if everyone brings a 2L pop bottle of water we should be golden.
Bring your gardening gloves because we’ll be weeding.

We have mulch, soil, shovels, picks, some gardening gloves, garbage bags, a broom, and some cute fencing.

Start of the season people!! Let’s get out there and make our city beautiful!